Topic: The Plan

Tasks While Reading:
• Draw a map (sketch) of the area covered by the book: town names, landmarks, buildings, geographical features, etc.
• Make notes on main characters: Jude, Lind, Caleb, Amelia, Ellen, Martin, Mark.
• Make notes on the evidence of Caleb's cruelty/stinginess.
• Make notes on Jude's relationships.
• Make notes summarizing the events in each chapter.
• Make notes on the themes developed by Ostenso:
1.    Loneliness/ isolation (55, 71, 127, 128, 158)
2.    Surviving Oppression
3.    The Quest for Freedom
4.    The struggle for power
5.    Obsession
6.    Mother-child/ Father-child relationship
7.    The struggle for survival of homesteaders

Now, I know that sounds like a bunch to do, but keep a separate page for each, then flip to that page in your collection each time you encounter something to note. As well, each note should reference a page number or an exact phrase or paraphrase from the text.