Topic: Question 1

In the first chapter of the novel, we meet the two main characters, Lennie and George, as they are arriving at the riverbank where they make camp for the night. Lennie tells George, for the second time, that he likes ketchup with his beans and George "explodes" in anger.

a. What does George say he is angry about? What do you think George is really angry about?
b. Do you think George really means it when he tells Lennie, "I coulda had such a good time if it wasn't for you"? Explain.
c. Describe Lennie's reaction to George's anger. Why do you think he reacts this way?
d. Why do you think Lennie keeps repeating to George that he "could go off in the hills and find a cave. I could go away any time"?
e. What does George do that reveals he feels badly about getting mad at Lennie? Why do you think he feels this way?