Topic: Polar Bear Endagerment

Recently in science class we are all making posters about endangered animals and I chose polar bears. I didn't yet read about the plans for protection on these polar bears but I did just read about their niche and how they are apart of their environment. Polar bears usually hunt and kill seals as many people know but something I didn't know was polar bears are hunted by orca whales. These whales aren't the reason the polar bears were put into danger though, pollution and the increase of global warming is the real reason of the decline of polar bear population. Because of the temperature increase the habitat of the polar bears is disappearing, the icebergs are melting and forcing polar bears out of there ice dens. Although global warming is a huge factor, the hunting of polar bears by humans is also a big reason for this endangerment and there are protection plans out there to stop them from going extinct.