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What assumptions are made about human emotions in this article: … pt=hp_bn13

Are you comfortable with the notion that all(21?) human emotions may be detected and reproduced in a robot? That one day a robot could be a suitable companion for the elderly?

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I really don't feel comfortable thinking that anyone would create robots to keep elders company. When I think it could be me as the elder in an old folks' home with a robot it'd be a lot worse. If they can reproduce these emotions what else could they be capable of?
Genuinely I could not respect a robot back, it just would never fit for me. I'd also be terrified of it so I can only imagine how uncomfortable it'd be for other elders getting a companion.

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Let's think about the following syllogism:

A child needs comfort from fear.
A robot feels no fear.
Therefore, a child with a robot has no fear.

All children are good.
A child with a robot is good.
All robots are good.

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Is the "Doctor in a Box" really a robot?

Remote patients need doctors.
Robots have remote controls.
Robots are doctors.

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It could be possible in the future but now AI would have to improve immensely. It would take a long time to give a robot emotions because there are more than the basic emotions. It would take a long time to have a robot feel jealousy or love.