Topic: Excerpt from Marvel Universe of Superheros -A Smash hit (Part 1)

1 For 5 Seasons,America turned in on the CBS prime time series.

2 Hulk first appeared in 1962,in an origin story in the pages of the incredible Hulk #1.

3 In 2003, director Ang Lee hired Eric Bana to play Bruce Banner.

4 In 2008 Edward Norton played Bruce Banner in the Hulk remake.

5 In 2012 Mark Ruffalo played the Hulk in the first Avengers film.

If you were a movie critic,what would you rate the 2008 Hulk remake and why?
100 Rotten tomatoes,because it didn't have Hulk’s arch enemy the Leader in it.
I like the 2003 film,because I think it's Leader in it. Also,it has Action and Adventure in it.
I’d rate the 2003 film 0 rotten tomatoes.