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Consider the gender definitions portrayed in advertising directed at children. Pay particular attention to gender role reinforcement in children's toys. Write about a toy (and its ad) directed at young children.

Hint: Pay particular attention to course focus questions as they relate to gender-based inequality.

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Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

The difference between boy toys and girl toys definitely is shown through advertisement.
Whenever I look at a toy I can conclude quite easily whether it's a toy for a boy, or a girl.
If it ever has anything to do with dolls, or taking care of something it's automatically a female product.
But if it ever has anything to do with action figures, cars, and "being strong" it's automatically assumed
to be a male product. I think that it is insane how we can so easily distribute from male to female.

With the way that children are influenced through media definitely influences the way that they'll live and prosper throughout their lives. Barbie, screams fashionista. Young girls think that they must be gorgeous everyday of their life. Only because of that influence they had when they were younger. G.I. Joe and Batman are two unrealistic admirations. Which is what boys look to when they are younger. They wish to be more then the average human being while women only want to learn how to be better. But to be the same as the most gorgeous woman in the world.It's only a matter of how media and products influence our daily lives.


Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

When did the gender inequality begin? Or is it just one of those things that evolved and eventually reached out into children's toys? I personally think that, as much as we hate these roles, they are never going to be forever gone. It is just like racism. There is always going to be someone in the world who holds these views and is not willing to change them.

When a child grows up playing with a toy, they are going to carry some of these ideals (ex. changing the babies diaper after it soils it) into their future. This could be a good thing in the cases of nurturing or a bad thing? Young girls are the only one that get early exposure to the care and nurture so this carries on that woman are the ones supposed to be the ones caring for kids and men are supposed to be out fighting with guns.

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Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

Growing up many girls had barbies, and many based it on how they should look when they become older. That's mean that they'd have to be 5 feet 9 inches (tall), 36 inches (chest), 18 inches (waist) and 33 inches (hips). Not everyone is made that way thats the reason some young girls become anorexic or bulimic.

For boys it is a different story, many young boys say that they will never play with a doll, but when they play with action figures such as GI Joe they are playing with a doll. Just like the girls problem basing themselves to look just like barbie, boys have the same image in their mind. Boys will go to the extreme's to make themselves look like GI Joe, ways that they can make themselves have huge arms is to use steroids.

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Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

Advertising directed at children are ment to be to a specific gender. If a girl sees a commercial about a race car track with a dinosaur head attached, they instantly know its for boys. The same goes for boys too. They see an advertisement of baby dolls, barbies they know its fir girls. Children have been brought up to this day knowing whether or not its a girl toy or a boys.

Girls' desire to have the cutest baby thats most realistic. An advertised commercial that I had watched on youtube was that the little girls put roller blades on the kid and let it go. This is considered a bad thing in my eyes because teaching little girls,  putting roller blades on a baby is fun, is dangerous. Not only that but in the video are girls in a pool dressed all the same looking cool playing with the skating baby. Its saying that cool kids even think its fun to play with. Exposing this is intolerant and shouldn't be viewed on the market. Boys are the master of destruction conquering the world and girls are just the object, caretaker, mother.


Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

The toy I find particularly gender reinforcing is the Dora Kitchen Set, which is directed at young girls. I find it very crazy that even at a young age, people expect girls to become housewives and cooks. I never really thought anything of it until now, because when I was younger I was one of those little girls that would of found that fun, pretending to cook for my parents and little sister. Stereotyping is shown greatly in toys like this, girls are stereotyped to become moms that cook and clean for their families, while boys have toys where they can become anything they want whether it be Batman or a firefighter.

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Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

Toy commercials can have major effects on gender-based inequality. Girls and boys toys are completely different. For example, the GI Joe action figures, younger boys believe that they will turn out too be like this, strong and someone who can fight anyone. When really this isn't going too come true for these young boys. Its a GI Joe action figure, no one can possibly be exactly like a action figure, its a toy. For younger girls their toys are more realistic and they are in training for their future with babies. There are dolls out there that can pee, poop, drink, eat, and talk. These little girls that have these dolls are training in a low way of how taking care of babies. Toy commercials for boys and girls is gender-based inequality. These toy commercials are advertising the gender-based inequality at a very high level.

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Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

Commercials for guy and girl toys can be affected in their lives today. Star wars action figures. Boys think their going to have lightsabers and the force. When they try to transform into something they can't turn into. Girls think their going to turn out in this famous model like barbie dolls.

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Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

I think that toys have very big gender based inequalities that are pressed on young kids. for example you have the barbie "dream" house that has a washer drier and all of the bits that any normal house has,but yet it is still called a dream house. Now on the other hand you look at a boys toy and it is eather a race car driver or an austronaught. as a person can see that there is a big difference between the two. I think that there is a major problem with this because it reduces the girls esteem for achieving there dream. What is even more wrong is that the people making these products are not stupid in thinking that they will get away with it. I think that this commercial is a good example of this.


Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

Gender Inequalities in toy advertisements is very common in todays society, even though few realize it. Most advertisements show only one gender playing with their toy because they want to promote different concepts to either gender. Girls are shown toys like the baby alive baby dolls because girls are supposed to be the nurturing gender, woman are normally the ones who stay at home and take care of the house and children. Baby Alive dolls show young girls how to take care of a baby so when they are older they know how to stay home and be a good mother. Meanwhile boys are taught to be the tough, manly, less nurturing gender. Toys such as G.I. Joe support this idea. Although G.I. Joe is indeed a doll, boys are subconsciously taught otherwise. Boys who grow up idolizing G.I. Joe will more likely believe that they have to be tough, violent, and victorious men, who never lose or get overly nurturing. It's ideals like these that make our world sexist and unequal. Something as simple and fun as a toy should not be stereotyped and marketed to specific genders. If a girl wants to race toy cars, let her. And if a boy wants to play dress up with barbies, all the power to him. Inequalities such as these should not be pushed on young children, let kids be kids and let them play with whatever toys they want.


Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

Reference from Mr Sader: If aliens were to come to our planet with knowing only  two toy commercials what would their perspective be?

Well that's an interesting proposition. Would Aliens realize the reasoning behind these commercials? Maybe they would think that these are actually the television shows that we watch everyday for entertainment. If they were at a degree of education as we are, being people of the planet Earth. Would their perspective be totally different then what ours is when we watch a television commercial? Especially if they were to watch these disturbing commercials i.e. "Baby Wee Wee" They would more then likely conclude that we as humans feel the need to play with inanimate objects and watch them ' do the do '. Not exactly the type of reputation we would need from these AlienPr


Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

Toy advertising has gone a little bit over the limit over these past few years. They state that guys should be strong and insensitive, and girls are supposed to be sensitive, caring, and motherly. This is the type of separation that is showed through the advertisement that we see today. This is causing kids to be very caution about what they play with. Boys don't want to be seen playing with dolls like Baby Alive or Barbie, an girls don't want to be seen playing with G.I Joe action figures or toy guns or toy swords. That is really affecting their future because they are built on these types of examples and probably their children as well will do the same.

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Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

This " gender stereotyping" that is shown through commercials is offensive. It seems as though two messages are being sent. Boys: reach for the stars you can become, a pro wrestler, monster truck driver, a dark knight. Practically everything that isn't a likely possibility. While as the gender discrimination for ladies is much more serious. At a young age the toy commercials, and the toys, are presenting the "mother hood". Young girls at the age of just 4 or 5 are already learning how to  cook, clean, change babies diapers, and all the everyday apparent "women" roles through these toys. It shows me that boys are being pushed to reach for that over the fence, world series kind of life. Where the girls are being thrown into the gutter, and being trained to become something that will most likely happen anyways. For example: Baby alive, a doll that eat, drinks, and wets. This doll is so lifelike that young children feel they are actually taking care of a young baby. How is this fair? When little boys play with Ninjas, and dream of being astronauts. The little girls are cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. The messages being sent are gender stereotyped, and wrong. If a person from another world was to come to earth, and see our commercials, I believe they would have the complete wrong perspective about us. As a person that will most likely one day have children, I feel the messages being sent through toys need to come to a big red stop sign.


Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

Today in our world boys are meant to play with guns and to be strong and insensitive unlike girls they are supposed to play with barbies and to be loving and caring. Commercials these days are separating girls from boys. Boys should not be playing with dolls and such and girls should not play with guns and action figures. Gender stereotyping is becoming a huge part in the world. Kids can get bugged and teased about what they play with. This definitely can affect their future because there self-esteem becomes lowered and they are afraid to really show who they are because they are scared they will get made fun of.

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Re: Gender Inequality Toys Ads Aimed at Children

There is plenty of gender stereotyping taking place in commercials. I believe that this is very unfair to kids. Barbies are targeted to little girls and they state that little girls should grow up to be tall, slim, pretty, models. But not all little girls want to grow up to look like a barbie doll and be hair dresses, make up artists, or ballet dancers. Lots of girls want to be mechanics, firefighters, or cops.

These gender stereotyping commercials also effect boys. The race big monster trucks, quads, dirt bikes, and dirty trucks like dump trucks and bob cats are made for little boys to play with because it is not known for many girls to want to get there hands dirty. But there are some boys that would rather play with barbies. Not all little boys want to grow up to be monster truck driver, construction workers, or dirt bikers. Some boys would rather be hair stylists, make up artists, even ballet dancers.